Mites Out Marin is a new North Bay company located in Marin County servicing homes by cleaning and sanitizing mattresses. In addition this process also works on pillows, carpets, stuffed toys, draperies, kitchens and bathrooms. We are certified anti allergen specialists who remove allergens and harmful contamination from every surface that humans come in contact..

We combine high frequency pulsating waves, incredible suction with a powerful extraction device and a patented high intensity germ killing UVC light to pulverize and extract all the dust mites, flees, lice,
bed bugs, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, toxins (found in a new mattress), harmful organisms and other sediments that accumulate in your mattress or upholstered items. All of which are
main causes for illness and allergies. The second most leading cause of allergies is dust and 70% of dust is dead skin and as long as we have skin there will be dust mites.

Good News is that Mites Out Marin is a ‘Green’ process and totally dry, chemical free. So there is no odor, no drying time and its safe for any type of mattress, from a crib to a king size bed.

Indoor air quality plays a big part in people’s overall well-being and health. Pollen, animal-related allergens, dust mites and mite excrement are also a danger to asthma and hay fever sufferers, causing great discomfort. The fine dust that we breathe in while sleeping in our beds each night can disrupt an intended peaceful night’s rest. It can trigger allergic reactions or result in symptoms such as itchy eyes, a running nose, sneezing, scratchy or irritated throat, headaches, fatigue, depression and so on. Many people mistake these symptoms for unavoidable allergic reactions, without realizing that the cause is likely the cleanliness of the environment in which they are sleeping.

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