Green Cleaning Company
(Includes mattress, sofas, large chairs, carpets, rugs, drapes. Most hard surfaces. Specializing in all types of mites biting/non-biting or visible/non-visible).
Prices may change without notice or vary.
Residential Services:
Mattress (any size) $119, (crib mattress) $59.
Box spring (both sides) add $49
Large sectional (L-shaped) sofas- $99
Large sofas or love seats- $79
Oversized chairs- $59
CedarCide organic oil local spray for biting mite prevention/ $89 per room.
CedarCide organic oil fogging (Most aggressive treatment for biting mites) $249 per room. (source should be identified and eradicated prior to any MitesOut service. 
Carpets/rugs $0.49 per square foot (10X10 carpet would cost $49)
Moving Furniture requires additional charges.$20-$80 depending on weight and size/risk/time involved. 
Drapes and Curtains- $0.49 per square foot
Pillows and stuffed animals/Children’s Toys- $9
Extra tests (one free test per home) $19
Hard Surfaces Using the Hand-Held UV-C Light – $129 per hour with 15 minute minimum.
Disposal fee $19
Travel Fee may apply,
Travel & Toll Charges:
19 miles or more from Novato, CA – $1 per mile.
Commercial Services/Multi-bed facilities, same location: (Prices negotiable)
# of beds                  Cost per bed
4-25                         $89
26-50                        $79
51-150                      $69
151-above                 $59
*Prices may change at any time without notice
Updated 2017-09-22

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